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What is a “Forever Roof” Metal Roof in Wisconsin?

Metal roofs have become an extremely popular choice for homeowners. When you consider the beautiful aesthetic appeal, unsurpassed protection against the elements, and long-lasting durability that metal roofs offer, they are worth your investment. The superior strength and durability of metal roofs compare to other types of roofing materials can last a lifetime.

When you are looking for a reliable metal roofing contractor in Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee or anywhere else in Wisconsin, Metal Roofs Direct can help. We design and install quality residential metal roofing systems for all properties throughout the state.

What makes us stand out from other roofing companies is that all of our roofing comes with FLUROPON® from Valspar, we use a 22 gauge steel base, for stronger durability and stronger wind resistance, and we are a factory-direct company. Because of these qualities, we can deliver a higher quality metal roof at competitive and lower prices to our very happy homeowners.

We even put you in the drivers seat for installation. While we can use our crews of factory trained workers to make sure the job gets done right the first time, You can also select your own crew of installers. You are the boss in every way. 

What is Kynar-infused Fluropon® from Valspar?

Fluropon meets or exceeds all AAMA 2605(1) performance requirements. These coatings are field-proven, high performance exterior quality finishes comprised of 70% Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® fluoropolymer resin systems, ceramic pigments and other select inorganic pigments. This powerful
chemical bond provides superior resistance to ultraviolet radiation resulting in exceptional color retention, resistance to chalking, and resistance to chemical degradation which makes Fluropon® a preferred choice among architects and aluminum building component manufacturers.

Fluropon® coatings enhance the aesthetics of your building by providing durable color options for aluminum panels and extrusions including curtain walls,
louvers and grills, soffit, fascia, mullions, column covers, skylights, windows, and door and access systems. Fluropon® is available in a wide variety of
color hues including whites, blacks, greens, blues, browns and reds. (For pearlescent, metallic, or bright options, read Fluropon Classic® II, Fluropon Classic®, and Fluropon® Premiere.)

That’s a lot of technical words to understand. Let us put it this way: We can’t wait to SHOW you the differences our products and any other metal roof manufacturer. There’s a big difference in performance, but a small difference in price.

The Benefits of Having a Metal Roofing System Installed on Your Home

When you choose Metal Roofs Direct for your residential metal roof project, we’ll design and install a metal roof that will provide superior benefits for your home. Below are some of the excellent benefits that our metal roofs provide.


Metal roofs can hold up well against all types of harsh weather conditions. It can even withstand debris and animal activity. The impact of extreme weather in the Wisconsin area makes metal roofing the best choice for durability.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance on a metal roof is so simple that any homeowner can forget about it. Like any other roofing material, regular maintenance is a must. However, the upkeep on a metal roof is so limited, that unlike other solutions like shingles, concrete, or tile, you’ll have a worry-free roof and save on costs in the long run.


The durability and ease of maintenance of metal roofs contribute to their long lifespan of up to 50-70 years. That means you may never need to replace your home’s roof again in your lifetime.


In most cases, a quality metal roof is made from 35%-95% recyclable material. While the lifespan of a metal roof will be very long, when the day comes that you need to remove it for whatever reasons, the entire thing will be 100% recyclable, as opposed to being dumped in a landfill.

Furthermore, its heat-reflecting capabilities mean the homeowner will save on home energy costs by reducing the need for cooling in the home.


While a metal roof is generally more expensive up front, it will cost less over its lifetime. The long-term investment is worth it considering the reduction of maintenance and repair costs over the roof’s lifetime. Moreover, warranties on metal roofs tend to be exceptional.

Work with an Expert in Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs Direct is your one-stop source for metal roofing systems. Aside from metal roofing installation, we also offer a wide variety of roofing services, ranging from repairs to replacement.

We understand that a leaking roof can happen at any time. We are committed to providing you with quality roofing solutions for all your needs.

Call Us Today!

If you need any of our metal roofing services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Call us now at (920) 393-9955.  You can count on us to seal your leaking roof, install your metal roof, and more. Metal Roofs Direct proudly serves all properties throughout Wisconsin. 


Fluropon ®is a Registered Trademark of Valspar. We are proud to have their products as part of our value to the customer.

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